Friday, 10 October 2014

3d decoupage class

my whimsical layout

what you need to recreate this technique-white modelling paste or air dry clay,mod podge,plastic trowel,size 1-3 stylus,size 0 paint brush.gel medium to glaze when complete.acrylic paint to match your backround.
cut out your desired images,leaving a 5mm trim on your bottom layer.3 copies of each.I used colour copies off my home printer or buy a decoupage sheet
bottom layer
using your small scissor,make slits all around your edges,not touching your picture.fold in
paint some mod podge onto your surface

paint mod podge onto the back of your picture your picture

starting in the centre,spread your clay
paint on some podge

add to layout.paint another layer on top.leave to dry completely2hrs

using your largest size stylus,start pushing down slowly into your image until you achieve the desired effect.I created dimension by pressing into all shadow areas
go to smaller sized stylus to create more definition on your petals,you should start to see results by now

add more layers,drying in between

use matching acrylic paint around the edges of your image to hide any 'white bits' showing.dry completely.add glaze to seal
3d decoupage finished look after varnish
 a different example of the same technique but done on framed canvas