Saturday, 21 April 2018

Twist and pop card

Cut might find it easier to make a tester before you use your good paper as you have to get the mechanism just right

start with your mechanism

fold in half

score and fold right side

score and fold left side

push the sides in bring down to make shape in the bottom pic

score all lines with your bone folder

fold your card base and mark a line in the center of the card

align your mechanism on your mark.add glue, then bring the bottom half of your card up to close.

rotate and repeat with the other half

fold in half as shown

fold the right hand side towards the center

fold the left hand side toward the center

mark the center of your card

be very careful here to not go out of the area.......add glue to TOP RIGHT HAND BLOCK and BOTTOM LEFT BLOCK(indicated by the stripes.lay your top piece flat and attach.let it dry well before testing



my 2 examples

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 if you would like to purchase the "HAPPY FATHERS DAY"  or the "VASE AND FLOWER" dies used here

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

printable Sentiments for cards

Inspirational card ideas

                                          THE Z FOLD CARD
The z fold

                                        SWEATER CARDS



                                                     The BENDI CARD