Sunday, 2 October 2016

Vintage Paper Camera Tutorial

Today I will show you the process of creating this mini album:

 Step 1

Cut 6 strips of card stock measuring 3 3/4” X 12”.
**Don’t throw away a piece of paper which is left. Score it in half on the long side, and then cut at each 3 3/4 “ (you’ll get 6 short strips but we will need only 4 of them).

Step 2
As far as the strips we are working with are quite narrow, apply to it 1/8" scor-tape as shown below. Our hinges are ready:

Step 3
Connect each 3 strips of card stock together with the help of the hinges:

Step 4
Get ready to use your Bind-It-All. We'll punch each of the 2 strips we prepared (on both sides), in order to get the effect of a photo film. 
I use a spacer because I want the punch holes to be just near the edge.

Set your Bind-It-All to a "B" position and start to punch.

There's a chance that after you're done, the holes won't be completely symmetric on the end. Don't panic, just trim the non-symmetrical piece.

Step 5
Use your scoring board and score both of the strips at each 4.5", and after this fold each of them in an accordion manner. Don't get upset that it's not completely straight, it won't show :)

Step 6
To make the photo-spots I used a plain white paper. I cut it to 3" X 4" (13 pieces for each of the "film" strips). I rounded the corners & distressed the edges with the Vintage Foto.

I also stamped all of the cards with the Sculpey Alphabet Stamper:

Step 7
Let's prepare chipboard pieces for our camera base. Cut your chipboard pieces as follows:
- 5" X 4 1/8" (2 pc)
- 5" X 1 1/4" (1 pc)
- 4 1/8" X 1 1/4" (2 pc)

Step 8
Now cut chipboard pieces for the lid:
- 5 1/4" X 1 3/4" (2 pc)
- 5 1/4" X 1.5" (1 pc)
- 1.5" X 1 3/4" (2 pc)

Step 9
Prepare the hinges for the mini album base and lid. Cut long strips of cardstock 1" X 12", score each one of them in half (0.5"). 
Let's make only 4 strips first, and then add more (if needed).

Step 10
In order to form the mini album base, we'll glue down the chipboard pieces to cardstock measuring 8 3/4" X 10 3/4". For the sake of convenient work, draw border lines at 0.5" from all the 4 sides of the paper:

Step 11
Take the chipboard pieces we prepared for the album base, and attach scor-tape on each piece on the sides as follows (I'm using 1/4" scor-tape):

Step 12
Glue all the pieces down to the cardstock as shown on the picture below. Leave 1/8" space between the parts:

Step 13
Add 0.5" border to the central piece, trim the access paper, miter the corners. Your result at this stage has to be as shown below:

Step 14
Apply scor-tape on the outer edge of the chipboard base as shown:

Step 15
Wrap the edges and glue them down. Your finished mini-album base now should look like this:

Step 16
Now let's get back to the hinges. Right now we need 4 of them:
1" X 5" (2 pc)
1" X 4 1/8" (2 pc)

Attach scor-tape to the back side of the hinges:

Step 17
Remove the tape backing and insert the hinges to their places:

Step 18
For the lid cut cardstock measuring 9 3/4" X 6.5". Draw a 0.5" border from all the 4 sides:

Step 19
Just as we did in the steps 12 & 13, glue down the chipboard pieces in the following way and miter the corners:

Make diagonal cuts in the inner corners:

Apply scor-tape on the outer edges of the chipboard pieces as shown:

Don't wrap the lid yet. 

Step 20
Prepare another 4 hinges:
1" X 5 1/4" (2 pc)
1" X 1.5 " (2 pc)

Apply scor-tape to the back side of the hinges:

Step 21
Attach the hinges first:

Step 22
Wrap the piece:

Step 23
Prepare 4 additional hinges:
1" X 1 7/8" (4 pc).
With the help of these hinges assemble the lid:

Step 24
The most of the work is finished:

Step 25
I made the camera lens from the roll of glue-dots. just covered it with black paper:

Step 26
Glue the white foto mats onto the film strips. In order to attach the film to the album base, apply scor-tape to the last "frame":

This is how your base will look like from the top:

Now when everything was almost finished, I though which paper I should use for embellishing my camera album. I had Graphic 45 "Steampunk Spells" paper left from this Mini-Album, there were only several sheets left, but I didn't need a lot this time:

Here are the pictures of the finished project:

Camera theme mini booklet printables-